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for Video Games, Film and Multimedia
BAFTA Nominated Composer & Sound Designer
for Video Games, Film and Multimedia



From composing music for video games and film, to designing sound effects, ambiences & soundscapes, audio branding and more. I offer a wide range of freelance music & audio services.


Music Composition

High quality original music composition. From film soundtracks to video game music, apps, commercials and one off productions, I have the right music for your project.


Sound Design

Do you need Sound Design for film trailers or video games? Maybe you need app interface sounds or something more exotic? Find out more about my sound design services.

freelance-video-game-music-composerGame Audio

From music to sound design, voice over, foley, field recording and audio implementation, I offer a wide range of game audio solutions for various platforms and consoles.


Audio Production

Do you already have music or audio and want to improve it? I can help with session mixdowns, audio clean-up, sampling, dialogue editing and more.

Library Music

I have written a growing collection of original, royalty free, stock and library music ready for you to use in your project right away. With a variety of genres and styles readily available.



 The last but not least of my audio services. I can provide a professional remix of your music track for your single, album or whatever you need. Any Genre, Any Style, Any Time.


Tracks Written

Sounds Designed

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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am a BAFTA Award nominated Composer & Sound designer from Cardiff, Wales. I believe that “Sound Completes The Picture” and my versatile, energetic and emotional use of audio makes me an essential and valued member of any game development or TV/Film production team.



From attaining a B.Sc in Sound Technology and an M.Sc in Advanced Music Production to holding full time positions from Sound Designer & Voice-Over Production to Composer and more. I have the experience required to make your project a success.

Original Music

Original Music

From the big and bombastic to the small and intimate, I can adapt my music composition to your distinct musical vision,moulding the harmonies, rhythms and melodies of any musical genre to give your project a dynamic, engaging and emotive audio backdrop.

Sound Design

Sound Design

I understand that sound is a large part of your project and it’s artistic integrity. If you are a film director, designer, developer or a hobbyist with a small passion project, I can craft audio perfectly suited to your needs.

What People Say About Me

  • Ryan is an excellent display of prowess and finesse. Prowess in the command over music and sound; Finesse on the final results. His production quality demonstrates years of expertise and his range of work is telling of his "I can do it all" attitude. I have zero reservations when I recommend Ryan. He does great work, quickly, and carries a personality that is incredibly welcoming and personable. I am extremely lucky to have worked alongside with him and one will understand why once he/she has him on his/her side.
    Cain German[Producer, Composer, Sound Designer]
  • Ryan's ability to add mood to our games via audio was, frankly, astounding. The original music he composed was awesome, and the voice over work he produced was the perfect balance of informative and humorous.
    Gary Hockin[Developer, Roave]
  • Not only was Ryan's music great for my film but he was really good to work with; he listened to my ideas but he also offfered new perspectives I had not thought of.
    Olumide Akintoye [Director]
  • Ryan's music has exceeded my expectations for a composer, and the music he created for my game actually gave me a great sense of nostalagia, reminding me of the classic adventure game, The Legend of Zelda. Top class work from a highly under-rated composer.
    Lavethion[Video Games Producer]
  • Ryan is a tip top sound engineer and sound designer. I recommend not just his ability and professionalism, but also his 'gets it done' attitude.
    Sam Roads[Creative Director, Microcosm Games]
  • Working with Ryan was really a relief because I had to focus on aspects other than music, I was never worried about that. He created just the type of music I was looking for.
    Kay Leinsberg[Producer, Video Games]
  • Wow! Ryan's work is great and is just what I needed for my project. I love the beat to it and just the overall feel, it will fit so nicely with the immense battle scenes.
    Bryan Castelo[Game Designer]
  • Ryan wrote some very interesting music for the game, 6th Commandment. I had asked for something dark and sinister to fit the game(it's a zombie game), and thats exactly what I got. The music was high quality, and in WAV format, just like I asked. I would DEFINITELY reccomend him to anyone.
    Chris[Video Game Producer, Metrogdor Games]
  • Ryan's music is high quality and always fits the style you need for your game. I recommend this composer to all.
    Justin Priester[Game Designer, Twin Games]
  • Ryan has a multitude of skills and is able to turn his hand to any project. I've found him willing and able to both take control of a project and to be an excellent member of the team.
    Clint Oldridge[Director, Microcosm Games]