2012: End of Days arrives & other news

2012: End of Days arrives & other news

2012: End of Days is here!

Some of you may remember a short film I worked on a while back called “Torn” featuring 3run members Adam Brashaw and Nathan Barris. Well, if you liked Torn then get ready because they are back with another great short film 2012: End of Days.

2012: End of Days is the latest micro-epic (is that a real term? it should be. Dibs on the trademark for micro-epic) from Innerlight Media featuring an all-new shiny soundtrack from yours truly that can be seen and heard here in full HD glory:

The film contains everything you want from a Hollywood Blockbuster, Crazy stunts, great action, amazing photography and (If I do say so myself) a pretty darn epic soundtrack

Be sure to leave lots of lovely comments here and/or on the youtube page, or not. I’m not your boss but I am “like a Boss” – sorry, it had to be done.
In other news I am finally working on that solo album I have been talking about for ages. This year is definitely going to be big.

oh yeah, I’m also updating the music player here on this site hence its current sparse form. Byeeee

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