2012 - FILM


A short film from Innerlight media, I composed a dynamic and “epic” themed soundtrack that aimed to rival Hollywood blockbusters.

Mayans predicted the world would come to an end in the year 2012.

The world is experiencing an unprecedented span of natural disasters, each one worse than the last with no scientific explanation to be found . There is one man who knows the reason for the carnage however, A demon guardian named Mika (Adam Brashaw) who has been living on the human planet for 2000 years. The last of his kind, Mika’s home planet was destroyed by his evil enemy Kakeron (Nathan Barris) who is now on his way to absorb the earth’s core, killing everyone and everything. Standing amidst the growing chaos Mika is ready and waiting to take his revenge and save the human race.

The brief for 2012: End of Days called for an electronica-orchestral hybrid “with a sound similar to Hans Zimmer” the aim being to align the film with major Hollywood blockbusters


July 8, 2014