Blockbuster cover imageBlockbuster was an indy puzzle game created for PC and Mac by Frog in Dog Games.

Released in 2011, Blockbuster is a complex puzzle games where users are given a fixed number of moves to flip tiles on grids of various sizes with the ultimate goal of flipping every grey tile on the board into a coloured tile.
The game feature a logarithmic difficulty arc with puzzles quickly becoming more difficult and cerebral. In order to accentuate the cerebral nature of the game Frog and Dog required a light, ambient soundtrack that added an element of interest to the game whilst serving to help push the user into deep thought, helping immerse the user into the puzzle and think clearly. The soundtrack featured over 55 minutes of looping, ambient music with tracks changing in timbre, dynamics and tempo to represent the varying difficulties and intensities of different puzzles as the player makes their way through the game.