iOS Game music album artwork for Oggipital by Ryan Davies

Oggipital is a game where you can please your slicing and squashing skills without harming a single real bug or sheet of bubble wrap. Pinch in, pinch out, and see those funny characters go “pop”!
Oggipital is a game about quick decisions and accurate finger moves, about the pursuit of the highest score, about a pure level-up, and a clean play-through. Plus, the characters of the game look sweet and dandy as well, that never hurts, right? Meet the Kisau Veelas and the Oggiput, and in the same go, get that high score!

Working as the sole audio developer for Sneeweis, my job was to craft a sonic landscape for Oggipital, creating sound effects music mixed, mastered and optimised for listening via headphones or the built in speakers of an iPad/iPhone.

Check out the results below (best listened to via headphones or iPad/iPhone speakers).