Royal Heroes

Royal Heroes

Album artwork for Royal Heroes video game music by Ryan DaviesI composed the video game music soundtrack for Elite Games Strategy/Combat games “Royal Heroes”.

Coming soon to Windows, Mac, Linux, OUYA, and Smartphones (including Samsung, Nook & Kindle), Royal Heroes is a game featuring epic battles. exploration, discovery, crafting, collecting and real time combat in a style similar to that of ‘Majesty’.

Produced by Elite Games, a team with over 60 titles to their name, Royal Heroes is a game centred around humble warriors who fight through hordes of enemies to become revered heroes. Every hero has his or her own story, different abilities, skills, attacks and equipment. Build a completely different army every time you play! Even identical hero types can have different character traits and skills.

The soundtrack combines epic orchestral percussion with elements of folk music and chamber music with heavy use of leitmotif to create a memorable and consistent game music experience thought the Royal Heroes world

You can listen to parts of the Royal Heroes soundtrack here: