Annual Game Music Awards 2013: Spectrum of Mana nominated for Album of the Year

Annual Game Music Awards 2013: Spectrum of Mana nominated for Album of the Year

Dust off your dicky bow. It’s award season and guess who’s been nominated…

Do you remember Spectrum of Mana, the game audio super-album that was created as a tribute to the classic RPG Secret of Mana? Of course you do…right? No? Well you can check out my coverage of it here.

So now you’ve familiarised yourself with the awesomeness, you’ll be happy to know that Spectrum of Mana has been nominated as for the AGMA Album of the Year under the “Fan Arranged” category.

The AGMAs are intended to celebrate achievement across the game audio industry and give recognition to the incredibly creative people working in it.

A panel of experienced and knowledgeable journalists have determined the nominations of these awards. The panellists have selected their choices by carefully considering the merit of the game music created this year — as art and entertainment, as part of in-game experiences and as part of stand-alone albums. All game music first released between December 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013 was eligible for consideration. Productions that were first released before December 1, 2012, but have since been localised or re-released were not eligible.”

So keep your fingers crossed folks.

For a full list of the nominations Click Here


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