Microphone in front of digital audio workstation

High Quality Sound Design. Craft an experience.

Great sound design can take a good film/video game and transform it something more. Through sound design an audience can suspend their disbelief and allow themselves to be completely immersed into a new world or experience.

If you are a film director, game designer, app developers or even just a person with a small passion project, I can craft audio perfectly suited to your needs either as part of a team or as a one man sound department. From atmospheric audio and field recording, to foley work, synth design and even audio implementation I can provide a range of services to make your project a success.

So if you need sound design for a film, audio branding for your company or interactive sound design for a game –  contact me today and I’ll be willing to help.

All of the work I carry out is guided by the standards put in place by the Audio Engineering Society and the Music Producers Guild ensuring that your audio reaches the highest possible production values.

Free Estimates and Consultation

I offer zero-commitment cost estimates, consultations and demo tracks for your project. So if you are planning your project budget, if you want to discuss your project needs or even if you would like me to provide a pitch/demo for your project, drop me an email and we can work together to find the best solution for your needs.