Take your game music to the next level.

From Music to Sound Design, voice over, foley,  field recording and audio implementation I offer a wide range of game audio and music solutions.

Whether it be casual games, smartphone apps, console games or browser based games I have experience with a range of products, game engines and technologies and am able to take your project from pre-production and planning through development to a final, polished game.
My goal is to deliver an immersive, dynamic and adaptive game audio experience for your players, adding an extra layer of depth to your game.

Free Estimates, Consultations and Demo Tracks.

I offer zero-commitment cost estimates, consultations and demo tracks for your project. So if you are planning your project budget, if you want to discuss your video game music needs or even if you would like me to provide a pitch/demo for your project, send me an email and we can work together to find the best solution for your needs.