Free Download: Kontakt Instrument – Sliced Eggs

Free Download: Kontakt Instrument – Sliced Eggs

Free Download: Sliced Eggs. Native Instruments Kontakt Sampler

Free Download for Sliced Eggs!

What do you get when you cross a trip to IKEA, a brand new egg slicer and a me with an hour of free time: Sliced Eggs – This free Kontakt instrument.

Formed from various samples of twangs and twings from a plastic egg slicer, I created this instrument to add a unique(ish) plucked sound to a project I am currently working on. After I had finished working on the instrument I thought hey, why keep it to myself when I can share it with the rest of the world?

To get your Free Download of Sliced Eggs please visit the DOWNLOADS SECTION

If you don’t have Kontakt you can download a version of it here which should let you play with these patches for 30 minutes: Komplete 8 Players

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