Groupees Build a Bundle 4

Groupees Build a Bundle 4

Play It Forward hits Groupees Build a Bundle 4

Some of you may remember a charity album I worked on back last year called Play It Forward.
Well after helping to raise funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Childs Play Play it Forward is back and this time we are looking to raise money for The Red Cross.

In collaboration with Groupees I’m pleased to announce that Play it Forward is now a part of Groupees Build a Bundle 4. Pay what you want and choose from 9 great games including
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, Orczz, Men of War and more.

So what are you waiting for? Get great games, great music and support a great cause.  Visit and get some swag.

Ryan Davies is a Freelance Composer & Sound Designer for Video Games, Film and multimedia. If you need sound or music for a project you are working on, you can find Ryan on Google+ or get in touch via Twitter (@rynde) or LinkedIn