Micro Update 2 – TV Idents and more.

Micro Update 2 – TV Idents and more.

Get ready for TV Idents, Product demos and more as I unleash my latest creations on the world.

So I’m back with my 2nd ever “Micro-Update”. Recently I have been working on a number of projects including TV Idents for Yamgo TV.

Yamgo TV is a free online TV and mobile network that lets people pick from over 100 TV channels across 7 different genres. I have been commissioned with creating a series of TV Idents, Jingles, Sounds and all around sonic branding for the company as a whole both music composition and sound design.

The first product of this venture is a small test ident in honour of Valentines Day that will be shown to a few hundred thousand viewers

As well as working for Yamgo TV I have also produced a product demo for the upcoming release of Jacob Pernell’s Aurora soundset for massive.
The soundset contains a collection of sounds including ambient pads, funky sequences, gritty bass wobbles, and some FX suitable for use in everything from electronic dance production to game and film scores!
Massive | Aurora is being available at Jacob’s website under a ‘Pay What You Want’ model! That means you can download it for free, or purchase it for $1,000,000.00! Just plug in your desired price upon checkout.

Why not check out the track I wrote below, and, if you like the track perhaps consider investing in a copy of Aurora.

Well that’s me for now but I’ll be back soon for another update. Ciao!

Ryan Davies is a Freelance Composer & Sound Designer for Video Games, Film and multimedia. If you need sound or music for a project you are working on, you can find Ryan on Google+ or get in touch via Twitter (@rynde) or LinkedIn