Need For Speed Shift Unleashed 2: Sound Design

Need For Speed Shift Unleashed 2: Sound Design

Got a Need For Speed?

Quick post this week. Just wanted to share the sound design I created for this short Need For Speed Shift Unleashed 2 trailer.

This would have been my entry for the Waves 2011 Sound Design competition had I not discovered it 6 months too late.
The competition called for entrants to complete the sound design for this Need For Speed teaser trailer using only the provided audio files.

My aim for the Sound Design here was to add a slight surreal element to match the Slo-Mo/Still style of the imagery whilst building up to the final ident in order to give the viewer an aural payoff with the final crash sounds


NFS-SU2 Waves 2011 Sound Design Competition (non-entrant) from Ryan Davies on Vimeo.

Ryan Davies is a Freelance Composer & Sound Designer for Video Games, Film and multimedia. If you need sound or music for a project you are working on, you can find Ryan on Google+ or get in touch via Twitter (@rynde) or LinkedIn