The 30 Minute Song Challenge

The 30 Minute Song Challenge

I challenge you to a duel… well… sort of.

It started out as a joke. It became a challenge.

While chatting with a family member about the dissemination of music through sub-genres we ended up joking about genres that could disappear without anybody caring. I joked that we should get rid of gabber-music “Because only people on drugs listen to gabber” also proclaiming “I could write a gabber hit in 30 minutes”.

Just for the record, I have nothing against gabber music and everything I said was in jest – however, I decided to test myself. Could I really write a song in 30 minutes that encapsulated everything that I believed this genre of music to be?

That was when the 30 minute song challenge was born.

The aim of the challenge is not to create a polished, professional grade chart-topper – it is about freeing your mind from the technical aspects of music production and focusing on writing.

During the challenge I found that I operated in a different way to my usual composition mind-set. I was far more focused on creating a tangible before my time was up. This meant less time tweaking and fiddling with synths or samples and more effort on creating a piece that I felt contained the spirit of gabber music.

The end result is ultimately irrelevant, it is more about pushing yourself to work harder and faster – finding ways to achieve your end results more efficiently.  In just one attempt I have already found an area of my work that could be made far more efficient.

I would now like to challenge others to join me; Musicians, Artists, Writers, Coders and anybody else who works in a creative medium. What can you do in 30 minutes?  You might be surprised at how far you can push yourself just like I was.

Post your results here or share them with me on Twitter (use the hashtag #30msc) or Facebook.

For the lulz here is my “Gabber Hit”.

30 minute Song Challenge – Gabber by ryandavies827


Update: Some of my friends have taken the challenge – check it out:

Ryan Ike – Composer for Media

Alex Allen – Fella with a guitar

Ryan Davies is a Freelance Composer & Sound Designer for Video Games, Film and multimedia. If you need sound or music for a project you are working on, you can find Ryan on Google+ or get in touch via Twitter (@rynde) or LinkedIn